Shine Bright, Starry Night

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There is a whole universe just outside our back door, and we all know that a rich starry sky can be breathtaking. Take your girls out and just enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

-2.75 inches
-laser cut (gold border)



- Activity Sheet Available and a link will be provided during checkout and will be emailed. (downloadable .PDF) 

- Activity Sheets will not be physically mailed. I specialize in designing patches and these ideas, are meant to help inspire leaders with ideas to earn the embroidered patch. For add



More Inspiring ideas:

-Make a star wheel -

- Discover a planet with Kepler Exoplanet Transit Hunt (3) sites to help you understand Exoplanet Hunt.

-Build a handmade telescope

-Use this opportunity to either build a fire or introduce your girls to how to build a campfire and how to be safe.