Six Flags Scout Day Custom Patch

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Effective March 14th, we've initiated a reorder for a limited batch of patches. Anticipated arrival is mid-April.

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the "Six Flags Scout Day" patch! This patch is all about thrill, excitement and how much fun science can be.

To earn this patch, girls can show off their love for theme parks in a variety of ways. They can participate in STEM activities that explore the science behind the rides, like measuring the speed and acceleration of roller coasters. Girls can also visit a Six Flags amusement park and experience the thrill of the rides firsthand.

But the best way to earn the "Six Flags Scout Day" patch is by organizing a troop trip to the park. Girls can bond over their shared love of the thrills and create lasting memories as they ride the rides, play games, and enjoy the delicious treats. They can also work together to complete scavenger hunts or participate in special park events.

No matter how they choose to earn this patch, girls will have fun exploring the exciting world of amusement parks and feeling the rush of adrenaline on the rides. So let's strap on our seatbelts and earn the "Six Flags Scout Day" patch together!