Soaring Sky Sisters - Aviation Printable Activity Packet

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Unleash your aviation passion and explore the wonders of flight with our captivating "Soaring Sky Sisters" Printable Activity Packet. Get ready to soar as you participate in a collection of engaging and enlightening activities that honor the world of aviation and the trailblazing pioneers who dared to dream big.

What's Included:

  1. Book Hunt: Embark on an exciting book hunt that encourages girls to read and discover inspiring stories of female aviators. Explore the accomplishments of these remarkable women who conquered the skies.

  2. Flight Logbook: Keep track of the fascinating information about the women in aviation you've learned about in your own Flight Logbook. Jot down their achievements and the milestones they reached, celebrating their contributions.

  3. Groundbreaking Women's Stories: Delve into captivating narratives of extraordinary women who defied the odds and shattered barriers in the aviation industry. Learn about their remarkable journeys and the challenges they overcame.

  4. Pilot License: Celebrate all the knowledge you've gained on this thrilling aviation journey by earning your very own Pilot License. This special certificate symbolizes your growth and accomplishments.

  5. Activity Ideas for All Ages: Explore a diverse range of activity ideas suitable for girls of all ages. From creative crafts to engaging games, there's something for every Girl Scout to enjoy.

Proud to pilot patch can be found here:

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