Spooky Science

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Looking for a way to make science spooky and fun? Check out our "Spooky Science" patch, the perfect way to celebrate your troops love of all things scary and scientific!

Featuring a creepy and colorful design that's sure to send shivers down your spine, this patch is all about embracing the spooky side of science. From creepy crawly critters to eerie experiments, your Scout will love exploring the darker side of the scientific world..

So how can your Scout earn this patch? It's easy! All she has to do is complete a science project with a spooky twist. This could be anything from creating a homemade slime that glows in the dark to designing a haunted house that's powered by electricity.

By embracing the spooky side of science, your girl will be building her STEM skills and having a blast at the same time. Plus, she'll have a fun and frightful patch to add to her collection and show off her love of all things spooky!