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The Blooming Patch is designed to inspire and celebrate the special moment when a  Scout blooms into a Daisy! As leaders, we know how important it is to recognize the hard work and commitment of the scouts in our troop. The Blooming Patch is an ideal way to mark this transition with a unique and colourful patch that lets her know how proud you are of all her accomplishments, as well as reinforce the promise she made as a scout.

Nothing symbolizes growth quite like a Daisy - let this patch be her beautiful reminder of her ever-evolving journey into adulthood. Encourage your scouts to continue their growth, learn new skills and embrace their blossoming self confidence through scouting. Let them proudly display their newly acquired patch for everyone to admire!

The vibrant colours are sure to bring joy and positivity to whoever wears it – so why not celebrate your Daisy’s special moment? Reward your Scouts’ hard work and dedication with this colorful, inspiring surprise: the Blooming Patch!

  • Make sure to adhere this patch to the new uniform she is transitioning into.
  • Limited quantities ordered (available while supplies last)
  • 2.5x3”
  • Iron-on backing
  • Laser cut border
  • Patch Only