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Flock your girls together for a fun day! The girls do so well together, just like flamingos! Flamingos are ver social birds. They gather in groups and do almost everything together, sound familiar. Plan a Flamingo-inspired day of activities and learn about flamingos and celebrate your similarities!  

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    • Laser Cut Border
    • Activity:

  🦩 Get a leg up on fundraising for your troop and try Flamingo Flocking. 

What is Flamingo Flocking? Flamingo Flocking is a fundraiser where friends send a flock of plastic flamingos to one another’s front yards by making a donation to the Troop Fund. Ideal for birthdays, bird lovers, and friends.  Many Troops Flamingo Flock to help raise funds to help all girls regardless of their family’s ability to pay for supplies, and events. Flamingo Flocks typically arrive by night and stay for 2 days before moving on to their next roost. Go online and Google Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser instructions to get more ideas on how to start Flocking or ask your SUM or fellow Leaders. 

🦩 Come up with games and Crafts and add a twist to each game-like. Here are a few suggestions.

🦩 Flamingo Long Hop

Flamingo Hop - Lay out a piece of plastic on the floor, but you could use colored tape to mark the start line instead. Everyone has to hop as far as they could - like the long jump, then mark their name on the plastic, or you can even use cut shapes.

🦩 Flamingo Hopscotch

🦩 Make and decorate Flamingo Masks or Headbands

🦩 Flamingo Crossing - which is a take on the game Traffic Lights!

This is a classic team-building kids’ game that can be modified to increase the chemistry and team-building between kids. The classic version involves an adult standing at the head of space (indoor or outdoor), intermittently shouting out ‘RED,’ ‘YELLOW,’ or ‘GREEN.’ The kids stand at the opposite side of the room, and can run forward on GREEN, must stop at RED, and can walk slowly on YELLOW. The kids’ twist is to have a kid become the traffic light. And if there are enough kids, then they can be broken up into two separate teams. And the team that completes the Traffic Lights challenge first, by getting all kids to their side first, wins! The team-building aspect here is that the traffic light representative is on the other team, and the kids trying to race across the room are not racing against each other, but rather collectively, in order to beat the other team of racers. This way, instead of competing with each other, they must collectively defeat the traffic light, and the other team.

🦩 Flamingo Golf or Croquet

Take the Troop for a PAR-TEE at a Golf Park or create your own at a park or in your backyard! You can create the course using wide-mouth cans or something similar like a dollar store crate, golf balls, and DIY or buy inexpensive clubs and decorate them to match your theme.

(More ideas can be found by googling: Flamingo Golf or Croquet

For supplies in all these ideas, check the Dollar Store, Amazon, Oriental Trading for Supplies)

🦩 Catch the Flamingo

Placemats on the floor and have players sit in a large circle on the mats. Have two players (of similar age/size) come into the middle of the circle and attach a flag football belt with one flag on it, or use a clothespin to attach a piece of fabric (such as a grocery bag) to their waist at the back. The flag should be at their back. Each player must stand on one foot with the other bent behind them and use their hands to try to grab their opponent's flag. The player that pulls off their opponent's flag is the winner. If a player's other foot touches the ground, that will count as a defeat. Make sure to include in the rules that pushing is not allowed, or a smart kid may figure out that the best way to win is by toppling their opponent. Choose two new kids to participate.

You can play a tournament style, but that may be too much time out for some participants if you have more than 8 players. You could also do a king-of-the-hill style game, where the winner stays and faces new challengers until he/she is defeated; the player who defeated him/her would become the new king and face new challengers.

🦩 Try a Flamazing Science Project and learn about flamingos together.

Did you know a colony of flamingos can be up to 1,000,000 birds!

🦩 Flock together to be like the Flamingo and Get in Shape

Organize a fun, family-friendly activities that encourage girls to be more active and eat healthier all summer long.

🦩 Make swaps


Get inspired to do yoga in the fresh air with these bird-themed poses.

What You Need

  • A small object such as a pine cone – something to focus your eyes while balancing
  • Yoga mat or towel (optional)

What You Do

  1. Try yoga outside with your kids.
    Doing yoga outside can add a whole new dimension to the experience. You get some vitamin D and connect with nature while relaxing and stretching your body.
    Stretching and focusing exercises are also great options for parents who want to bond with their children. Even the most active child can find a moment of peace doing yoga with an attentive adult.
  2. Many yoga poses are kid-friendly and they particularly like poses where they pretend to be like an animal. You can really make it fun by play-acting with them. Here are three bird-themed yoga poses that your family might enjoy.

Practice your balance with flamingo pose.

  • To do the flamingo pose, start by standing up straight and tall.
  • Then take one foot and slowly step it back behind you.
  • Put out your arms straight out from your shoulders like flamingo wings. You can hold them still or flap them gently. Holding them still is easier.
  • Slowly tip your body forward so that all your weight is on your front foot. Your back foot slowly rises from the ground. It does not need to rise very high off the ground.
  • Hold the pose while you breathe in and out deeply through your nose.
  • Children may find balancing like this difficult. Teach them to pick a spot on the ground about 10 feet away and focus their eyes on it. You can even have a “focus object” such as a pine cone for them to fix their eyes on.
  • Also, at first, they can just keep their big toe on the ground. The number one goal is to hold still, and not tip side-to-side or forward and back.
  • After holding the pose for a comfortable length of time, slowly adjust your weight back to two feet, and then pull in your back foot so you are standing tall again. Switch feet and do the balance on the other side.