Once Upon a Time

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New Patch! Arriving November 24th

This patch is ideal for girls you're introducing to journal writing, storytelling, reading, building, or even inventing.  Any of these activities can be related to this beautifully illustrated patch girls are sure to love as they look back on the tales they will tell during the quarantine.

- 2.75 inches

- iron-on patch

- laser cut




Idea #1 Earn this patch by participating in a 30 Day Storytelling Challenge!

Leaders challenge your girls to tell the story of themselves, home, family, neighborhood, city, country, culture, and more...

Here is how the challenge will work:

Each day take a photo or draw something that inspires you about that day and tell a story. Write and write..... it doesn’t have to be a long story it can be a quote. Or make it an art journal - check out this fun Pocket Junk Journal video from Susanne Rose Art https://youtu.be/q5qNKqaBdTY

Start your journal. Put all your feelings into the journal. Paint the pages in different colors day by day. Make an imperfect, messy full of thoughts, quotes, pictures, drawings, cutouts journal.

#2 For younger girls, Daisies and Brownies Journal and explore what makes a story.