This Friendsgiving this scout marches for peace kindness, gratitude and giving.

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I love this patch so much and when I created it, my thought was for leaders to Celebrate this Friendsgiving with the spirit of sisterhood and gratitude that epitomizes our Girl Scouts. Embrace the season as an opportunity to give back and to spread kindness far and wide.

Let's take a moment to wholeheartedly thank our dedicated Girl Scout Leaders and volunteers who contribute tirelessly from the kindness of their hearts.

Make this Thanksgiving a magical experience. Assemble a basket of goodwill for those in need, engaging in community service that reflects our core mission. Whether you’re marching in a local parade or simply circling the neighborhood, let every step demonstrate your commitment to making the world a better place. This Friendsgiving, let's unite in gratitude and service, embodying the values we cherish as Scouts.

- Make matching shirts
- Ask girls to bring a snack or arrange a potluck lunch or dinner.
- Print out a Thanksgiving day parade scavenger hunt girls can do at home.
- Take lots of photos together!