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Get your mixing bowls ready! We are so excited to unveil our NEW cooking patch designed for culinary creatives of all ages! From Daisies to Ambassadors, "This Girl Can Flippin' Cook" celebrates the joy of cooking, the learning that happens in the kitchen, and the innovative spirit of recipe creation!

The badge features adorable chef mascots ready to whip up some delicious dishes. It's a colorful reminder of the fun and fulfillment found in mixing, flipping, and seasoning!

Whether you're a beginner learning to navigate the kitchen or a seasoned junior chef experimenting with new flavors, this badge is for you. It's a perfect way to honor the skills, experiments, and tasty triumphs in your culinary journey!

Secure this delightful patch and let's encourage our Scouts to embrace their inner chefs, one recipe at a time! #GirlScoutsCooking #AllAgesWelcome #CookingAdventures

All out patches are iron on. The quality is amazing and we don't settle for less so please expect beautiful stitching and beautiful patch your girls are going to love earning! 

Expected size 3.2" -3.5", embroidered with bright beautiful colors.