This Girl’s on a Mission to Save the Bees

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Meet Beatrice she lives in the enchanted land of Pollinaria, where flowers bloomed in every shade imaginable and the air was filled with the sweet melody of buzzing bees.


There lives a remarkable Girl Scout bee named Beatrice. With golden wings that shimmered in the sunlight and eyes that sparkled with determination, Beatrice is not just any bee—she is a guardian of the hive, on a mission to save her beloved fellow bees from a mysterious ailment that threatened their existence.

To earn this patch leader come up with activities that promote protecting pollinators and preserving the natural world but we will have a program we’ve designed for girls to earn the patch. 


We are in the works of creating an amazing program that goes along with this patch if you’re interested, which can be found in the activity sheet section of our website.  

Beatrice embarks on a quest to seek help from Princess Lily and her companions, the Girl Scouts of Pollinaria. With their boundless creativity and unwavering courage to save her beloved fellow bees. 🐝