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Get ready to unleash your inner architect and earn the "We Can Build It GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING" patch with LEGO!

This patch is perfect for all the girls who love to build, create, and imagine. With LEGO as your building blocks, you can design and construct anything your heart desires, and this patch celebrates the limitless possibilities of your imagination.

To earn this patch, you can participate in exciting LEGO challenges and build structures that showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills. You can work individually or team up with your fellow Girl Scouts to build the tallest tower, the craziest bridge, or even a miniature city!

But that's not all! "We Can Build It GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING" patch also challenges you to think outside the box and create LEGO designs that promote values like teamwork, inclusivity, and sustainability. You'll learn how to work with others, how to respect different perspectives, and how to use resources in a responsible way.

With endless possibilities and opportunities to showcase your skills, this patch will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.