World Thinking Day 2024 - 'Our World, Our Thriving Future'

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Get ready to lead your troop on an unforgettable adventure with the World Thinking Day 2024 patch - 'Our World, Our Thriving Future.' This year's theme is all about global issues seen through the lens of environmental sustainability, gender equality, peace, and poverty, but we're adding a twist that makes our patch truly unique- A 2 piece puzzle patch!

Girls have the chance to work together to earn the outer patch piece, symbolizing their collaborative efforts in making a difference. As they complete activities related to environmental sustainability, gender equality, peace, and poverty, they'll gradually assemble the puzzle, showcasing their commitment to a thriving future.

Purchasing Options:

Solo Center piece: $2.10

Solo Outer piece: $2.10

Patch Set (2-pieces): $3.50

Environmental Sustainability:

Delve into the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. Learn about eco-friendly practices, renewable energy, and ways to protect our natural resources. Take action to make the world a greener and more sustainable place.

Gender Equality:

Discover the power of gender equality and the role girls and women play in shaping our thriving future. Engage in discussions, activities, and initiatives that promote equal opportunities and empower girls to pursue their dreams.


Explore the significance of peace in our world. Dive into concepts of conflict resolution, diplomacy, and cooperation. Learn about the importance of unity in creating a peaceful and thriving global community.


Understand the challenges of poverty and its impact on individuals and communities worldwide. Participate in projects and initiatives that aim to alleviate poverty and create a more equitable world.


This patch symbolizes your commitment to making a positive difference in the world, embracing the values of the Girl Scout movement. Wear it proudly as a reminder of your dedication to building a thriving future for all.

Celebrate World Thinking Day 2024 and let your actions inspire a better future for 'Our World, Our Thriving Future'!