Juneteenth Printable Clues, Books, and Activities

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New Release! (Printable only)

Introducing the Juneteenth Printable Clues, Books, and Activities Pack for Scouts – a comprehensive resource to engage and educate girls about Black history and the significance of Juneteenth. Visit the library or a bookstore in search of 12 different titles each with a related activity.

This pack is designed to provide an enriching and interactive experience, allowing girls to explore and learn about important historical events and the contributions of African Americans.

Product Description:

Inside this pack, you will find:

  1. Printable Clues: Engage Girl Scouts in an exciting scavenger hunt with 20 Juneteenth-themed clues that lead them to discover important books related to Black history and June history. These clues will challenge their critical thinking skills and encourage them to explore and find specific pages that delve into the stories and experiences of remarkable individuals.

  2. Book Recommendations: Discover a carefully selected collection of books that showcase the achievements and struggles of African Americans throughout history. These books provide insights into pivotal moments, influential figures, and significant events that have shaped our society. From biographies to historical fiction, this collection offers a range of reading materials that will inspire and educate Girl Scouts about Black history and the importance of Juneteenth.

  3. Interactive Activities: Engage Scouts in hands-on activities that foster creativity and understanding. From crafting Juneteenth-themed quilts to designing inventions inspired by African American trailblazers, these activities promote critical thinking, cultural appreciation, and meaningful discussions.


Note: This product is a digital download, providing easy access to the printable clues, book recommendations, and activity materials. It can be enjoyed by Girl Scout troops, individual Girl Scouts, or used in educational settings.


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