The Great Dinglehopper Quest - Self Printable Scavenger Hunt Activity Experience

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-Our Dinglehopper Quest includes 7 different activities which would average around 10 minutes each. It is estimated at around an hour to complete all activities and an additional 30 minutes if you wish to have your group craft their dinglehoppers together!

-$6 for the entire activity PDF to be printed and used for your event! 

Embark on a wondrous adventure unlike any other—the Great Dinglehopper Quest awaits you! Prepare to delve into the captivating realms of Ariel and her extraordinary sisters as you set out on a mission to visit each sister, conquer their unique challenges, and earn treasures that will be used to craft a truly exceptional dinglehopper.

  • Use whimsical clue cards to guide you to the enchanting locations of Ariel and her sisters.
  • Gather unique decorative undersea treasures like pearls and scales
  • Let our magical map lead you on this extraordinary journey
  • Engage in immersive activities that ignite creativity and excitement
  • Create a unique dinglehopper keepsake as a symbol of your extraordinary voyage


  • 7 clue cards (front and back)
  • 7 station cards (front and back)
  • 7 unique and fun challenges for ages 5 and over.
  • 7 in-depth directions for each activity
  • Whimsical story page to get your players excited and engaged
  • Detailed set-up page
  • Flexible and budget-friendly material check-list
  • FAQ and additional ideas page
  • Dazzling map printout for players to track the progress of their undersea adventure
  • Certificate for players
  • Puzzle cutout
  • Kelp cutouts

Don't miss out on this unique experience packed full of fun ideas, detailed layouts, and unforgettable memories to be made!


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