"Can't Wreck This" Wreck It Ralph Inspired Patch

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If you're still looking for a Wreck It Ralph movie patch, this patch is going to be gorgeous, that girls of all ages or adults will love. The patch design is inspired by cookie medal Vanellope gives Ralph and the actual story in this movie which is “Friendship is good”.
The patch is now in production and will arrive in December.
More about the movie:
A lot of you are probably wondering how does Ralph wreck the internet? I know I was. This story is about two best friends who are about to realize that the world won’t always be the same. The internet is the perfect setting, really, because it’s all about change—things change by the second on the internet". Ralph Breaks the Internet goes deeper, showing the dangers of being a bad friend by having Ralph engage in not so good behavior to try and save his friendship with Vanellope. For younger viewers, it’s good to illustrate not just positive friendship, but also negative friendship, especially in the Internet age where you can hurt people without having to look them in the eye.
Patch 2.75 in, laser cut, iron on backing